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 Frustration is the opportunity of the strong. 2、机不可失,时不再来。

 Now or never. 3、我成功因为我志在成功!

 I succeeded because I willed it to be a success! 4、做好手中事,珍惜眼前人。

 Do a good job in the hands of things, cherish the eyes. 5、水只有碰到石头才能碰出浪花。

 Water can only touch the stone to touch the spray. 6、一个人的态度,决定他的高度。

 A person"s attitude determines his height. 7、再冷的石头,坐上三年也会暖。

 Again cold stone, sit three years will be warm. 8、与其临渊羡鱼,不如退而结网。

 And hide as retreat webs. 9、所有欺骗中,自欺是最为严重的。

 All the deception, self deception is the most serious. 10、不为失败找借口,只为成功找方法。

 Not to find an excuse for failure, only to find a way to success. 11、理想的路总是为有信心的人预备着。

 The ideal way is always ready for a person with confidence. 12、瀑布是江河走投无路时创造的奇迹。

 The waterfall is to create the miracle cornered rivers. 13、发光并非太阳的专利,你也可以发光。

 Shining is not the sun"s patent, you can also shine. 14、孤单寂寞与被遗弃感是最可怕的贫穷。

 Loneliness and the feeling of being abandoned is the most terrible poverty. 15、把你的脸迎向阳光,那就不会有阴影。

 Turn your face to the sunshine, there will be no shadow. 16、没有口水与汗水,就没有成功的泪水。

 There is no saliva and sweat, there is no success of tears. 17、但愿每次回忆,对生活都不感到负疚。

 I hope every time memories, do not feel guilty for life. 18、当眼泪流尽的时候,留下的应该是坚强。

 When the tears do, leave should be strong. 19、任何的限制,都是从自己的内心开始的。

 Any restrictions, are from his heart began. 20、承认自己的伟大,就是认同自己的愚昧。

 To recognize your greatness is to identify yourself with your ignorance. 21、好好扮演自己的角色,做自己该做的事。

 Play your part and do what you have to do. 22、要纠正别人之前,先反省自己有没有犯错。

 Before correcting others, first reflect on their own mistakes. 23、世界上只有想不通的人,没有走不通的路。

 In the world only can not think of people, there is no way out of the road. 24、如果你曾歌颂黎明,那么也请你拥抱黑夜。

 If you ever sing the praises of the dawn, please embrace the night. 25、我们若已接受最坏的,就再没有什么损失。

 If we have accepted the worst, there is no loss. 26、人生就像骑单车,想保持平衡就得往前走。

 Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to move on. 27、成功的秘诀就是每天都比别人多努力一点。

 The secret of success is to work harder every day than others. 28、流过泪的眼睛更明亮,滴过血的心灵更坚强!

 The tears that flow through the eyes are brighter and the heart is stronger! 29、愚者用**监视心灵,智者用心灵监视**。

 Fool soul with physical surveillance, physical surveillance wise heart. 30、贪婪是最真实的贫穷,满足是最真实的财富。

 Greed is the real poverty, satisfaction is the most real wealth. 31、创造机会的人是勇者。等待机会的人是愚者。

 Create opportunities for people who are brave. Wait for the opportunity to fool the people. 32、凡事要三思,但比三思更重要的是三思而行。

 Things to think twice, but more importantly than think twice before. 33、当你得不到你想的到的东西时,你会得到经验。

 When you can"t get what you want, you will get experience. 34、人生重要的不是所站的位置,而是所朝的方向。

 The important thing in life is not the position of the station, but the direction of the. 35、不要浪费你的生命,在你一定会后悔的地方上。

 Don"t waste your life, you will regret it. 36、昨天下了雨,今天刮了风,明天太阳就出来了。

 It was raining yesterday. Today, the wind is blowing. Tomorrow, the sun will come out. 37、少一点预设的期待,那份对人的关怀会更自在。

 Less default expectations, the care of the people will be more comfortable. 38、觉得自己做的到和不做的到,其实只在一念之间。

 Feel that they do and not to do, in fact, just at the moment. 39、积极思考造成积极人生,消极思考造成消极人生。

 Positive thinking leads to positive life, negative thinking leads to negative life. 40、让我们将事前的忧虑,换为事前的思考和计划吧!

 Let us put forward the worry, for the thought and the plan beforehand! 41、成功的方法多种多样,别不接受你看不惯的方法。

 The success of a variety of methods, don"t accept you can approach. 42、生命之灯因热情而点燃,生命之舟因拼搏而前行。

 The lamp of life is lighted with passion, and the boat of life is moving forward. 43、强烈的信仰会赢取坚强的人,然后又使他们更坚强。

 Strong faith will win a strong man, and then make them stronger. 44、没有一种不通过蔑视忍受和奋斗就可以征服的命运。

 There is not a kind of destiny which cannot be conquered by contempt and struggle. 45、如果人生的旅程上没有障碍,人还有什么可做的呢。

 If there is no obstacle on the journey of life, what do people do. 46、若不给自己设限,则人生中就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。

 If not to their limits, there is no restriction on the life of the fence you play. 47、当你跌到谷底时,那正表示,你只能往上,不能往下!

 When you fall to the bottom of the valley, that is, you can only go up, not down! 48、一个人几乎可以在任何他怀有无限热忱的事情上成功。

 A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm. 49、第一个青春是上帝给的;第二个青春是靠自己努力的。

 The first youth is given by God; the second youth is to rely on their own efforts. 50、能把在面前行走的机会抓住的人,十有八九都会成功。

 To seize the opportunity to walk in front of people, nine out of ten will be successful. 51、如果我们想要更多的玫瑰花,就必须种植更多的玫瑰树。

 If we want more roses, we must plant more trees. 52、一个一味沉溺于往事的人/,是不能张开双臂去拥抱今天的。

 A person who is addicted to the past can not open his arms to embrace the day. 53、获致幸福的不二法门是珍视你所拥有的、遗忘你所没有的。

 The only proper course to take to obtain happiness is to cherish what you have and forget what you haven"t. 54、大海因为波澜壮阔而有气势,人生因为荆棘坎坷而有意义。

 Because the sea surge high and sweep forward and powerful momentum, because difficult and meaningful life. 55、两点之间未必直线最短,有时迂回曲折能够更快地抵达终点。

 May not be the shortest line between two points, sometimes with many twists and turns faster at the end. 56、当你再也没有什么可以失去的时候,就是你开始得到的时候。

 When you have nothing to lose, it"s time for you to begin to get. 57、如果你曾经把失败当成清醒剂,就千万别让成功变成迷魂汤。

 If you have to fail as a sober, don"t let the success of a magic potion. 58、在世界的历史中,每一伟大而高贵的时刻都是某种热忱的胜利。

 In the history of the world, every great and noble moment is a triumph of enthusiasm.


 Unlikely things will come true today, and the impossible will come tomorrow. 60、谁若游戏人生,他就一事无成;谁不主宰自己,永远是一个奴隶。

 Who is the game of life, he has nothing to do; who does not dominate their own, is always a slave. 61、即使行动导致错误,却也带来了学习与成长;不行动则是停滞与萎缩。

 Even action leads to mistakes, but it also brings learning and growth; inaction is stagnation and atrophy. 62、当你劝告别人时,若不顾及别人的自尊心,那么再好的言语都没有用的。

 When you advise others, if you do not take into account other people"s self-esteem, then no good words are used. 63、失去金钱的人损失甚少,失去健康的人损失极多,失去勇气的人损失一切。

 They lose little loses money, loses health loses much, he who loses courage loses all. 64、无论才能知识多么卓著,如果缺乏热情,则无异纸上画饼充饥,无补于事。

 To our knowledge of how remarkable, if the lack of enthusiasm, the same paper feed on illusions, of no help. 65、一定要充分利用生活中的闲暇时光,不要让任何一个发展自我的机会溜走。

 Make full use of your spare time in your life, and don"t let any chance slip away. 66、一个最困苦、最卑贱、最为命运所屈辱的人,只要还抱有希望,便无所怨惧。

 One of the most difficult, the most humble, most humiliated by fate, as long as hope, will fear nothing. 67、胜利不是战胜敌人,而是提高自己。我们只要每天进步百分之一,那就是成功。

 Victory is not to defeat the enemy, but to improve oneself. As long as we make progress one percent every day, that is success. 68、你可以看不惯一些东西,但是你应该学会接受——如果你没法改变那一切的话。

 You can dislike something, but you should learn to accept -- if you can"t change that. 69、世上并没有用来鼓励工作努力的赏赐,所有的赏赐都只是被用来奖励工作成果的。

 The world is not used to encourage the efforts of the reward, all the reward is only used to reward the results of the work. 70、命运把人抛入最低谷时,往往是人生转折的最佳期。谁若自怨自艾,必会坐失良机!

 The fate of people thrown into the lowest point, is often the best period of life turning point. If whine about who will miss the opportunity! 71、积极的人在每一次忧患中都看到一个机会,而消极的人则在每个机会都看到某种忧患。

 A positive person sees an opportunity in every sense of worry, while a negative person sees a sense of urgency in every opportunity. 72、每个人的一生都有许多梦想,但如果其中一个不断搅扰着你,剩下的就仅仅是行动了。

 Each person"s life has many dreams, but if one constantly troubling you, the rest is just for action. 73、如果你准备结婚的话,告诉你一句非常重要的哲学名言,你一定要忍耐包容对方的缺点。

 If you are ready to get married, tell you a very important philosophical saying, you must bear

 with each other"s shortcomings. 74、伟大的事业不是靠力气速度和身体的敏捷完成的,而是靠性格意志和知识的力量完成的。

 A great cause is not accomplished by speed and agility, but by the power of character and knowledge. 75、征服畏惧、建立自信的最快最确实的方法,就是去做你害怕的事,直到你获得成功的经验。

 The surest way to conquer fear and build confidence is to do what you fear until you get the experience of success. 76、不要生气要争气,不要看破要突破,不要嫉妒要欣赏,不要拖延要积极,不要心动要行动。

 Don"t be angry to live up to expectations and don"t look to break, do not envy to appreciate, do not delay to be positive, not heartbeat to action. 77、在生活中,我跌倒过。我在嘲笑声中站起来,虽然衣服脏了,但那是暂时的,它可以洗净。

 In life, I fall down. I laughed at the sound of the station, although the clothes are dirty, but it is temporary, it can wash. 78、如果周围有人嫉妒你,那么你可以把他从你的竞争者之列排除了,嫉妒人之人,难以成大事。

 If someone is jealous of you, then you can exclude him from your competitors, jealous of people, it is difficult to become a major event. 79、伟人之所以伟大,是因为他与别人共处逆境时,别人失去了信心,他却下决心实现自己的目标。

 A great man is great, because he was with others in the face of adversity, others lose confidence, he was determined to achieve their goals. 80、面对困难,许多人望而却步,而成功的人士往往非常清楚,只要敢于和困难拼搏一番,就会发现,困难不过如此!

 In the face of difficulties, many people discouraged, and successful people are often very clear, as long as the courage and hard work hard, it will be found, but this is difficult!